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If you don't dig Andrew Lincoln you should probably just leave now.

Maybe we got a second chance. Not many people get that.

Maybe we got a second chance. Not many people get that.

But if Andy Lincoln asked for a BJ I’d still say yes.

Where’s the happy ending here? This isn’t life. This isn’t anything close, okay?

Not for me, not for us. And for our son.

What’s the answer here?

But his lonely mind is his only friend

His lonely friend will be with him to the end

And she sang


Anonymous said: Is there anyone you dont ship Rick with? I just stalked ur blog and omg! You seriously want him with everybody its funny lol

Lmao! I love it.

There are plenty of people I don’t ship Rick with. Let me try to explain. As an Andrew Lincoln fan, I would happily accept just about any hook up that came Rick’s way. I just wanna see some damn action, mmkay. I’m in lust, k?

As a walking dead fan, I really only ship him with Michonne. I love some Brick and Rickyl, but I feel like Richonne flows better with the story being told. If romance comes Rick’s way, I dont want it to fuck up TWD. Now thats just my opinion so please dont hate me for it. Although that doesnt mean I dont love me some Rickyl/Brick fanfic. ;)